By allocating money to focus on where help is needed, we revitalize Baltimore. By helping oppressed communities instead of ignoring them, we raise up Baltimore and return our city to where it should rightly be.

Dante’s Platform is Ever-Evolving, Informed by Activists and Community Members. Check out the different links to see how detailed dante’s revolution is!


$8 Million Baltimore City Teachers Fund
–Used for books, notebooks, pens/pencils, digital devices, and classroom adornments
–Acquired out of former funding for property tax credit
Hire more health educators
Enhance sexual education curriculum in City Schools to underscore healthy relationships and consent, as well as LGBTQ rights
Mandate that all middle schools and high schools provide contraception options
–City will contract with a local hospital to offer IUDs at no charge
Establish Mental Health Month in schools
Establish uniform start/stop times for Baltimore City Schools, and adjust to hours more suitable for a given age (Ex: Later start times for high school students, but earlier for elementary children):
Elementary: 8-2:40
Middle: 8:45-3:25
High: 9:30-4:10


Mandate all vacant buildings be deconstructed over demolished, which minimizes the risk of harmful pollutants being released into the environment
Remove capability of recovering Adopt-A-Lot for city purposes


Establish Charm City Care by 2025 (under assumption federal Medicare-for-All is not established) – Residents within 150% of the poverty line to receive $300-$500 per month for healthcare costs, *including* dental


Amending City Charter to provide more, joint-power to city council 
Dissolve the Board of Estimates, replacing it with city council- and mayor-led budget/contract meetings, which will include the comptroller
Participatory Budgeting
– Residents will be shown proposed budget in January each year, and can use an online app to suggest edits (like Virginia Beach)
– Residents can vote every April on proposed budget; if the budget fails, Mayor, City Council, and Comptroller convene to alter budget and City Council will vote on the alternate by end of May or start of June
Move City Council meetings/hearings to 7pm
Adjust business hours to begin at 9:30am and 10am, and end at 5:30pm and 6pm
Eliminate unnecessary positions in the mayor’s office, and assess positions created under the last two mayoral terms
Identify a new leader for the Department of Public Works
Identify a new leader for the Department of Transportation


Rezone and redefine zones for neighborhoods to be more sustainable – that is, having to travel less for having needs met, such as work, food, et cetera


Engaging homeless population and allocating funding for housing, similar to PEACE Zones allocation
Collaborate with nonprofits to assist homeless residents with needs (jobs, mental health, education, et cetera)

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