Install an additional 200-hour segment to the city’s police academy that is focused on the racial and economic injustices of police departments in Baltimore and across the United States, including
– Mandatory attendance of neighborhood association meetings in each district
– How to engage with and respect survivors of domestic and sexual assaults
– How to engage with and respect residents with mental illnesses
– How to engage with and respect transgender residents
– Non-weapon-based de-escalation tactics
–City will provide funding for universities and survivor advocacy organizations to assist
Requiring police officers seeking promotions to have a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Sociology or Criminal Justice, beginning in 2025 – All recruits to have this requirement starting in 2030
–City would pay for attendance
Hold community policing and violence prevention events in each district every other month
All officers required to live within city limits by January 1, 2023, or receive 20% pay reduction at any position

A minimum 32% cut to BPD funding, starting in Fiscal 2022 (More could be reallocated for enrolling officers into college programs above) to fund my PEACE Zones policy, which can be viewed here

A minimum 14% cut to BPD funding, starting in Fiscal 2022, to fund my education priorities pre-Kirwan Commission funding

A 46% cut to the Baltimore Police Department budget

34 of the 46% would be reallocated to building the safe, thriving communities we have envisioned for so long via my Poverty Erasure and Community Enhancement (PEACE) Zones policy. Check it out! 14 of the 46% cut is a $75 million boost to education, which can you check out here!

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