General Welfare

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Education and Youth

Compensated Parental Leave Trial Act

Swinton Tax-Adjustment Plan

LGBTQ+ Support

New Revenues

Provide reasonable property tax credits for large-scale developments that
-Hire locally (likely 0.25- to 0.5-mile radius)
-Are LEED certified
-Utilize greywater and/or rainwater for all non-potable water needs
-Fit an aesthetic approved by both the community of the proposed site and its respective councilmember(s),

$1.5 million for Gun Buyback Program ($1,500 for 1,000 guns) annually
-One buyback per person every two years

Advocate for and support more community land trusts, signing letters of support for grants

Establish safe-injection sites
Work with state to release all Baltimore residents imprisoned on marijuana possession or distribution charges by 2023

Recognize that Baltimore welcomes immigrants and will not work with ICE, but will lift up their roles in strengthening our communities

Mandate all hospitality services (restaurants, bars, hotels) post in windows, online, and/or on automatic phone lines whether they are ADA-accessible

Move to five-tier sliding scale for parking fines, with $300 being the highest-assessed fine
End boot-usage on cars

$1.5 billion bond for infrastructure repairs
Repeal massive property tax cuts for large housing investors (ex: no 80% breaks for five years)
Remove rate hikes on water bills over the last five years
Ban water lien sales
Establish clean water as a human right

Rent Control – To prevent gentrification, restricting rent increases to 4% plus inflation

***On Squeegee Kids: I don’t want anyone harming anyone else’s property, and more importantly, don’t want children or adults to be hit. However, the kids and adults are out there for one reason: to make ends meet. That’s it. That’s why they would risk getting hit or being arrested (as some suggest). Consider how many of those Baltimoreans may be uncertain of what their next meal may be. This is why my policies create JOBS for their parents/guardians and themselves when old enough.

Ending partisan primaries for Baltimore City races and implementing a Condorcet (ranked-choice) voting system – removes Democratic primary as de-facto general election
Restrict donations from individuals and corporations to candidates to $100 per city election cycle

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