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Amend and implement Baltimore City Climate Action Plan more aggressively
Trees planted for 66 percent tree canopy coverage by winter 2022 – this will create additional jobs!
-Allocate additional funding for tree maintenance

Carbon Tax
$100/ton carbon tax for facilities reporting emissions to EPA (includes CO2 and CO) – Funding will go toward clean energy investments and energy efficiency retrofits – increases by $5 every two years until 10 years have passed, then $20 every two years until 8 years have passed, then $50 every year

100% clean energy goal by 2035
Promote energy democracy (community solar) throughout Baltimore, eliminating BG&E’s monopoly
Prohibit all future construction from including gas heating
Mandate energy efficiency retrofits in all city buildings, and mandate downtown buildings to follow suit
–Consider possible incentives like Seattle
Mandate new constructions and renovations are LEED certified, and utilize greywater and/or rainwater for all non-potable water needs
Establish program to install reflective or green roofing on all buildings, creating even more jobs
Minimize city vehicle fleet, and electrify the remainder
Install solar streetlighting throughout the city

Zero Waste

***Ending our dependency on incinerators once and for all.***

Hire residents to clean up/maintain alleys and lots
$40 million in capital funding to build city-owned/resident-owned material recovery facility
$15 million in RFPs to build 15-acre municipal composting facility
$10 million in RFPs toward electronics recycling businesses, which will be required to locate in economically-challenged communities
$5 million in RFPs toward bulky recycling businesses, such as mattresses and furniture
Move to 64-gallon recycling bin, 32-gallon composting bin, 16-gallon trash bin system
Create a 1-1-1 system – one day of pickup for each kind of bin, eventually shifting to collecting trash every other week
Invest $1 million into education on new system
Hire residents for recycling bin-checking
Sell diesel collection trucks and replace them with smaller, more agile, electric collection vehicles
Place large recycling cans on city corners w/ instructions
Mandate commercial recycling and composting
Provision of cloth grocery bags
Implement Charm City SMART (Save Money and Reduce Trash) – City offers acceptable bags for waste disposal at three sizes, charging for them – residents already pay per bag – just to the grocery store!
All green job workers to be unionized
Implement a displaced workers policy from the closure of Wheelabrator Baltimore
Deconstruction of closed Baltimore City Jail site
Deconstruction mandate for all sites, creating more jobs
Extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws for firms that produce non-reusable products

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