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– Business owners often assert that they are unable to raise wages this significantly for their workers, and will have to pass it on to their patrons. THIS ALREADY HAPPENS! Jobs dependent on tips, for example, are the first subsidy patrons provide, and the second is government assistance (SNAP, EITC, TANF, Medicaid) to make ends meet. 52% of workers in the country utilize at least one of those programs. A living wage ERASES a double-subsidy.
– City will follow suit

Public-private partnership to revive Old Town Mall as a co-op grocery store
Reasonable tax incentives for green businesses that relocate/expand to Baltimore (No giving something like a first born child a la Amazon!) – solar and wind companies, energy efficiency companies, sustainable materials companies, and the like
Build a just economy that no longer depends on chemical or fossil fuel production to clean Baltimore’s air as much as possible (~10-year vision)